35mm VERTIGO Exo Ply Popsicle

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You are paying for a single (1) 35mm Popsicle 5 Ply fingerboard deck. 

Doom Lagoon fingerboard decks feature:

  • Short wheelbase for more ergonomical control.
  • Unique shapes for style, while maintaining functionality.
  • Medium/High kicks with medium concave for performance and comfort.

Doom Lagoon fingerboard decks are the result of nearly a decade of deck making experience by Noah Schlosser. Avant-garde shapes, materials, and production methods have been thoroughly tested to ensure one of the most realistic feeling fingerboard decks. Rather than the board being scaled to the size of an actual skateboard, it is scaled to the length of our legs relative to our fingers. This progressive design allows you to position your fingers the same way you would on an actual skateboard. All Doom Lagoon fingerboard decks have medium concave and medium/high kicks designed with performance in mind. The nose is slightly higher than the tail, just like a real skateboard, to allow your front finger to slide up the board and catch the nose for ollies and other flip tricks. Each deck is made of carefully curated hardwoods in unique lay-ups to ensure the most pop and structural integrity. Plies are dyed for at least 3 weeks to ensure all dye has penetrated through the veneer all the way for a vibrant look. Holes are machine drilled with extreme precision to allow trucks to perfectly fit each and every time in the exact spot for peak performance. All Doom Lagoon fingerboard decks are lacquered with three coats on each face, sealing the wood. This adds pop and durability, as well as a glossy shine.

Note: You are paying for one deck, the pictures display multiple decks to show variety. All fingerboard decks are made up of assorted plies.