Goo LTD and Doom Lagoon officially collaborate to bring you GOO LAGOON!

After months of teasing you all with the idea of a collaboration with Johnny (, we are extremely stoked to bring this to fruition. 

Goo LTD Doom Lagoon Fingerboard


With this collab, we are excited to bring an all-new shape to you: The GooSlang. Taking on inspirations from the Grootslang, a swamp monster that boasts large ears and spikes along its body. The Doom Lagoon version of the shape is available in one size, 35mm x 95mm. The inside of the "spikes" is roughly 33.5mm wide, but tapers towards the tail. We recommend using 34mm trucks on this shape, but 32mm trucks are totally compatible and look great too! This shape was created by Dr. Doom himself. 


The graphic, "Larry", was designed by Johnny Goo. Larry has had a rough past as you can see from his teeth-- or lack of. So we decided to give him a break and bring him out of the Goo Lagoon. The bottom half of his body was torn off when he was pulled out of the lagoon unfortunately, but we were shocked to see that Larry literally embodied Goo Lagoon, which is why we are happy that he is the face of it.


If the GooSlang isn't the shape for you, or you've been fancying something else, you are able to choose whichever shape on our Shape Guide you would like! Each GOO LAGOON collaboration deck is $35.99 (plus shipping) and comes with (1x) a sheet of SponorMeTape 0.5mm and stickers! 

Click here to buy a Goo Lagoon Collaboration deck!