The Doom Lagoon Family

Our team consists of riders who we feel embody what Doom Lagoon stands for: community. All of our riders are deeply rooted in the community and Doom Lagoon, which is why we feel that they belong. You can't spell Doom Lagoon with "goon." Curious about how to become a Goon? Check these guys out on Instagram to see!

Sponsored Riders

Gage O. (@scumbagfb)

Josh M. (@jmac.fb) 

Owen G. (@willy.grind)

Michael P. (@ugly.fb) 

Blake W. (@staycheezy_)

Craig M. (@fingerfcuker)

Anthony D. (@finger_snaps)

Jakob P. (@jewelscoop)

Myles H. (@okay6k)

Taylor W. (@hypnotize.grinds)

Chezz A. (@zzehcc)


Dr. DoomDr. Doom (Noah) - Boards

Age: 24
Favorite Trick: Backside Heelflip
How many years have you been fingerboarding: 12 years
Favorite album: Too much music in the world, and not enough time to listen to it all. Currently? False Idol - Veil of Maya. (This page is subject to change at any time and probably will)

Jacey | Doom LagoonJacey S. - Tape

Age: 24
Favorite Trick: Kickflip (the only one I can do)
How many years you’ve been fingerboarding: 1
Favorite album: Sweet Tooth - Mom Jeans