Check out all of the shapes that we have to offer!

We try to steer clear of "traditional" anything. Doom Lagoon fingerboard decks are all about being progressive and experimental. Countless tests have been made on all of these shapes to ensure functionality, while maintaining style. 

FunDOOMentalAre you a fan of popsicle shapes? Well, honestly, we aren't. That is why we took our own spin on the "popsicle" shape. Like the name says, the FunDOOMental is absolutely fundamental from professionals to novices. With a big, wide nose to give you optimal surface area for finger positioning during nollie tricks, and a stubby, pointier tail to give you plenty control of your tricks. Available in sizes ranging from 29mm to 35mm wide. Width is measured from the widest point on the deck. This shape tapers.

CesspoolThink you are bowl shredder? Well, if you aren't set up on Cesspool, you're lying to yourself and all your homies. The Cesspool shape is the only way to master hitting those deep pockets in the bowl. The almost-squared-tail slides across the pool coping like no other. Apart from shredding bowls, this shape kill it on the streets too! Available in 31mm, 33mm, and 35mm sizes. Width is measured from the widest point on the deck.

CataclysmIt's almost cataclysmic how much this shape destroys. If you are a fan of medium sized popsicle boards and have been weary of making the switch to a shaped deck, the Cataclysm is the place to start. The tapering nose allows for quick, controlled nollie tricks and the tail feels like your standard popsicle shape. Two flares towards the back truck bolts add to the style points, making this shape both visually appealing and extremely functional. Available in only one size (33.5mm) and the measured width does not include the flares.

TritonGod of the sea, protector of the Doom Lagoon. If wide shapes are your cup of tea, then this is the shape for you... no questions asked. Five points on his crown and his flipper tail make for yet another extremely functional shape that also has a unique visual appearance. Available only in one size (36mm). The width is measured from its widest point. One of Dr. Dooms favorites.

Pendant: Worn around all the necks of the gods that protect the Doom Lagoon is the Pendant. This beast of board has incredible control and surface area for throwing perfect tricks. The taper from the nose to tail makes for a comfortable board that performs like nothing else! Available only in one size (36.5mm). The width is measured from its widest point. This shape tapers. Dr. Dooms' favorite. 

GooSlang: What happens when and Doom Lagoon come together for a collaboration? A new shape. Inspired by the Grootslang, a mythological swamp monster with large ears and spikes, comes to GooSlang. This shape is only available in one size (35mm). The width is measured from the widest point on the board. The inside of the "spikes" is roughly 33.5mm, but tapers down closer to the tail.